Beautiful Illustrations by the fabulous Kitty Moss

Beautiful Illustrations by the fabulous Kitty Moss

What's considered vintage?

Technically, any clothing 20 years old and older is considered vintage. We carry items from the 50's to early 90's. Most vintage clothing have been previously worn and therefore will show some signs of age or wear. Since most vintage items have been previously loved they may not be 100% free of imperfections. 

Is there a vintage condition rating guide?

Yes, each item is rated and tagged with our rating.

Why buy vintage clothing? 

  1.  Buying one of a kind items cannot be found at every chain store. Let's face it. It can be embarrassing and unoriginal to wear the same thing as someone else.
  2. Vintage clothing is a 100% sustainable.  Buying vintage reduces the amount of natural resources being used to produce new clothes. Manufacturing new clothes pollutes the environment with the emissions from factories, color dyes and chemical treatments on top of water usage to grow natural fibers. Disposable clothing has had disastrous effects on the environment and some with unsafe working conditions. Chain retailers are churning out clothes at a break neck rate.
  3. The quality of clothes made in the past used better techniques and materials than today. There was an emphasis on craftsmanship, detailing work was done by hand instead of a machine.  Clothes back then had to last longer since people bought clothes infrequently as they do now. 

How closely will you match my style?

Occasionally, we may send you things we think you''l love that are slightly outside of your comfort zone - that's part of the fun of having us select and style your pieces. Your feedback after each delivery helps us refine our process and provides us better insight on your style and size.

What's my vintage size?

Refer to our Vintage Sizing Guideline Below.

Are the clothes cleaned?

Yes of course! We clean, wash and steam all of our garments accordingly. Otherwise that would be GROSS!

Can you recommend a great seamstress in my area?

We are currently collaborating with an awesome network of experienced seamstresses. More information coming soon.

Can I request certain pieces?

Yes. Your Style Alchemist will do their best in finding you a certain piece from a certain era. Since we are dealing with one of a kind pieces hunting for gems is our thrill and it may take us some time.


Vintage sizing varies drastically from modern day sizing. We never go by the sizing label on vintage clothes since measurements from the past differ greatly than modern sizes. Even modern day sizing operates on a different size scales. Body measurements help us determine proper fit. Use our simple Measurement Guide for help with measuring. You'll need to provide this information during the Style & Size Quiz.

Illustrations by Kitty Moss

Illustrations by Kitty Moss


getting started

  1.  Complete the Rx Style, Size & Budget Intake Form. Items in each Rx package may include 4 items which can include an accessory piece. You can choose to opt out of receiving accessories. Accessories include the following (belt, purses, hand bags, sunglasses, shoes, scarves and jewelry)

  2.  Meet your Style Alchemist. Your S.A. will contact you via email or phone to review your completed form. The first $20 styling fee will be charged to the credit card on file after the initial consultation. 

  3.  Try on your one of a kind finds at home for 7 days. Return items with the enclosed pre-paid shipping label within 7 days of receipt. Get a $20 discount when you keep 4 items from your Rx package. Follow the return instructions enclosed in your package. A return by date will be on your Packing Order specifying the last day you have to return your merchandise. Returns submitted after the return date will be charged for the full amount of the Rx package.

  4.  Rate your Rx package.   Log in to your account portal and rate the items in your Rx. Your feedback helps us to better serve you when selecting items for your future Rx packages. 


Let us find your vintage gems that fit you and your budget.  We carry vintage pieces that can be worn everyday to coveted high end designer vintage.  We'll send out items priced within your range. Vintage clothing and accessories from the 1950's and earlier decades are generally more expensive and will be priced higher since they are older and harder to find. 


Tops (sweater, blouses, casual tops, cardigans)                                    $55-$150+

Dresses & Jumpsuits (casual & evening)                                               $75-200+

Designer Dresses (evening)                                                                   $500+

Bottoms (skirts, pants, shorts)                                                                 $60-150+

Outwear (blazer, jackets, coats, capes)                                                  $60-$250+     

Accessories (belts, shoes, purses, sunglasses, jewelry,)                      $35-$150+

Designer Accessories (belts, shoes, purses, sunglasses, jewelry)     $75-$500+



Is there a membership fee?

Nope. There are no membership fees. You can opt for Rx upon request or cancel anytime.

When will I be charged for my first styling fee?

The first styling fee will be charged after you and your Style Alchemist have your initial consultation. The initial consultation will be conducted via email, phone or video chat. You decide what mode of communication works best.

When will I be charged for the styling fee? 

Each time we begin working on your Rx a $20 styling fee will be charged to the credit card on file. The $20 styling fee can be applied and used on items towards that Rx shipment.

When will I be charged for my Rx items?  

You have up to 7 days to decide on the items you want. Finalize your order by logging into to the account portal. As an Rx member a $20 discount will be applied as credit and used on items kept. Items returned after 7 days and within 15 days of receipt will be given store credit. This credit can be used on future Rx shipments.

Can the styling fee be refunded or rolled over?

No. However,  as an Rx member a $20 discount which is automatically when checking out your Rx order. We believe its fair since we are selecting one of a kind items just for you and provide free shipping and free returns for US residents.

Can I use my remaining store credit from a previous order towards a styling fee?

Yes. If you have store credit from a previous order you can choose to use the balance of your credit towards the styling fee on your next Rx package. Any store credit will be reflected in your personal Rx account.  If you receive regularly scheduled Rx packages you can elect to have any store credit automatically applied to a styling fee charge in lieu of being charged on your credit card.




How often will I receive my Rx?  

Get your Rx monthly, every other month, every season (4x a yr) or upon request. You decide the frequency so it works best for you. If you decide to receive regularly scheduled shipments, we will automatically schedule the delivery date for your next shipment.

Why do you recommend regularly scheduled shipments?

The more we serve you and understand your needs the better we are at choosing the best items for you.

Can I skip my scheduled Rx?

Absolutely. Go to your account portal and switch the frequency of your Rx. If we are in the process of getting your Rx ready it will be reflected in the next upcoming order.

Can I change the frequency of my Rx?

Yes. This can be done on your account portal. If we are in the process of getting your Rx ready this option will not be available. It will be reflected on the next upcoming order.

Do I have to sign up for automatic delivery?

Of course not. You can opt out of receiving regularly scheduled shipments and choose to receive an Rx package upon request.




When will my 1st Rx Vintage package arrive?

 An email notification will be sent out. Please check your SPAM box and add us into your contacts to make sure you are getting our emails.

Do you offer FREE shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, APO, FPO and PO Boxes?

Yes, a USPS. Enjoy free shipping on items being shipped to you and free shipping on returns.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we are happy to serve our global friends internationally. Rx packages shipped internationally will be charged for shipping.  The shipping fee is calculated at the time of shipping. Please note shipping rates will vary each month depending on the weight of your monthly Rx package.  



An Import Tax or Value Added Tax (VAT) maybe levied by your country. Unfortunately, these taxes are your responsibility. Please DO NOT confuse this with our shipping charges. Once a package has been shipped it may take anywhere from 2-6 weeks for arrival depending where you live and if you are charged an Import Tax by your country.



How long do I have to return my Rx?

Return items within 7 days of receipt and be charged for the items kept.  A pre-paid return shipping label is included for domestic residents of the U.S.A.  All items must be returned with original packaging such as hang tags and return slip. Items cannot be worn, altered or washed.  Follow the return instructions enclosed in your package. Your return form provides a postmark date that specifies the last day you have to return your merchandise.

What if I return my items after 7 days?

Items returned after 7 days and within 15 days of receipt will be refunded in store credit. Your store credit will be applied to your account and can be used on future items. You have up to 15 days to return any items from the original date of receipt.  All items must be returned with original packaging such as hang tags and packing slip. Items cannot be worn, altered or washed. Returns will not be accepted on items after 15 days. Follow the return instructions enclosed in your package. Domestic residents of the U.S.A. use the pre-paid shipping label enclosed in your package.

Can a size exchange be done?

Unfortunately no, since we are dealing with one of a kind piece exchanges are not possible.

I live internationally can I return my Rx?

Yes, return your Rx within 7 days of receipt.  Follow the return instructions enclosed in your package. You will need to handle the shipping cost of returning items back. Unfortunately we cannot refund styling fees, VAT duties, taxes or shipping charges.

International clients can enjoy other Rx perks & discounts.

Can I receive a refund on virtual styling services such as Online Color Analysis & Signature Style Development?

No,  We do not provide a refund on those services.